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Rexaira Henze

Rexaira Henze


Rexaira Henze is a Licensed Practical Nurse/Foot Care Nurse. She is the Clinical Lead in an Assisted Living facility in Langley, and has held various teaching positions since 2008. She is very familiar with the HCA curriculum having been involved in the process of Program recognition with various designation bodies including BC Care Aide Registry and PCTIA.

Rex is a strong believer in the empowerment of women through education, and has been a guest speaker on this topic. She is highly regarded by her students for having enjoyable and interactive classes, and is passionate about mentoring students to reach their maximum potential within the healthcare industry.

Success Story

I credit my success in finding work straight after I had graduated to their positive training environment and the very supportive staff at Drake Medox. It is from my experience at Drake Medox that I would definitely recommend them to all my family and friends. Thank you Drake Medox College for making my dream of becoming a healthcare assistant come true! I am very happy with all that I've managed to achieve so far and feel I have a bright future ahead!