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HCA Instructors



“It is not about the destination; it is about the journey.” – is one of our classroom Health Care Assistant instructors, Gloren Guelos’ favorite quotes.

Besides being an instructor at Drake Medox College, Gloren is also a Licensed Practical Nurse in residential care, a dance instructor, and an aspiring fitness instructor. Gloren is known to be determined and passionate about everything she puts her heart into. With her desire to serve a wider range of people, Gloren is also pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.”

As a “multipotentialite,” Gloren does not only identify herself as a nurse but also an advocate for various charities including The Joy Smith Foundation, The United Way and The Canadian Cancer Society. She also acts as a mentor in leadership programs such as Miss British Columbia. By pursuing her ambitions, she hopes to continue to inspire her students to never give up on their dreams no matter how impossible they may seem.”

One of Gloren’s goals in her class is to empower her students with confidence by focusing on enhancing their communication skills and getting out of their comfort zone whether it may be public speaking or taking leadership roles. She carries this focus in both her classroom and in the Clinical setting when she facilitates practicums.

Success Story

Through my own personal experience I believe I am able to give to others the level of care, compassion and love that was bestowed upon me during my time of need. Drake Medox College has provided me with the greatest opportunity through their Community Support Worker program, with being able 'pay it forward ' and make a difference in this world. Life is about touching the lives of people around us no matter who they are or where they have come from.